Great Taste. Sensible Nutrition.
Happier Healthcare

Remarkably smooth and satisfying 

with no added sugars or sweeteners

Surprisingly Smooth  SideKicks melt in your mouth for a soothing sensation of rich, bright flavor that makes it hard to believe it's 100% juice. Unlike gritty sorbets and rock-hard italian ices, SideKicks soften uniformly for easy spoonability just minutes out of the freezer.


No Added Sugar  Treat your patients and residents to a super-smooth, satisfying snack--without the added sugars in ice cream, sherbets, and italian ice. No sucrose, corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners of any kind.


Bursting with Flavor (and Vitamins)  Each irresistible flavor combination provides 1/2 cup (4 fl oz) of 100% fruit juice on your menu or snack cart, plus an excellent source of vitamins A and C.


Less Melting on Snack Carts and Trays   The added sugars in other products make them melt more quickly on the tray and snack cart. SideKicks stay cold and firm longer, so your patients and residents can enjoy them no matter when they dig in.
The Best Part of a Clear Liquid Diet
Because SideKicks are suitable for clear liquid diets, their rich flavors and soothingly smooth body brighten days otherwise filled with jello, broth, and tea. In elder care, where hydration can be a challenge, SideKicks offer 50% more water content than sherbet or ice cream.